statistical research on pv devices basic parameters

The easier measurable basic parameters of a photovoltaic device are current and voltage at the maximum power point, short circuit current and open circuit voltage.

Those parameters determine the value of a figure of merit, the so called fill factor. The values of those four parameters are the result of specific design of the PV device and it is not known a mandatory analytical relationship between then. Additionally series and current resistance play an important role in PV device definition. The purpose of the manufacturers must ideally be to reach a value of the fill factor as high as possible. In the present paper we investigate the existence of some simple mathematical relationship between those parameters that could be applied to photovoltaic devices of the same model. Such a relationship would facilitate to generate sets of parameters that reasonable describe a specific photovoltaic device model, becoming a useful tool in modeling and simulation. It is also investigated the most appropriate and generalizable statistical distribution that can describe the above mentioned parameters.